Pandemic Fatigue and Ways to Beat It

Negativity is in the air. People are dying due to lack of oxygen, hospitals running out of beds, unavailability of medicines, shortage of vaccination and black marketing are the only news running in the electronic, print, or social media.

It has been a year since India saw its first nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus (Wuhan Virus). Since then, 2.3 million-plus cases have been registered till date, and 2.4 lakh plus unfortunate souls have had to leave for heavenly abode.

From children to adults, no one is left untouched by the Covid-19 pandemic. Children cannot go to their schools or play outside with their friends, desk workers have been asked to work from home and are forced to stay at home seeing the outside conditions, migrant workers and daily wage workers have again left for their native places, and those who are still fighting to earn some money are depending on the local NGO and government support.

The mental agony and stress due to all this, which everyone is going through for more than a year, has created a Pandemic Fatigue among the population. This is not only happening in India but all over the globe except few countries.

How can we deal with Pandemic Fatigue?

Yes, the world & currently India is going through a tough mental and emotional phase, but we can only fight by spreading positivity around us. Positivity not only helps to keep the morale high but also helps the infected ones to recover faster. Even families of the infected patients have to go through mental and emotional trauma when they see all negative news around them, resulting in hypertension, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and various other mental and heart-related disorders.

Things that we can do to spread positivity:- 

  • Share recovery information on social media and in your surroundings.
  • Spread awareness about the vaccine & ask everyone to get vaccinated when their turn comes.
  • Share positive news. (It can be related to anyone & anything)
  • Help the needy if you are capable in any way.
  • Try to learn something new if you have the facility of internet.
  • Practice yoga and include breathing exercises.
  • Most importantly, stop spreading fake news and rumours you receive in your WhatsApp & social media and verify once through official sources.

A ray of hope in the midst of all uncertainty and chaos:

Recently Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) have developed the anti-Covid drug, which has been approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). Moreover:-

  • More than 1.93 million-plus Covid patients have been recovered till date.
  • More than 17.5 million-plus vaccine doses till date have been administered.
  • The recovery rate is 98.91% which approximately 99% (1 Out of 100 infected patient die)
  • Indian military and Indian Railways are also working continuously & tirelessly to transport oxygen tanks and other medical equipment.

Adding to this, various researchers and scientists of government and other institutions have claimed that the Covid-19 curve will see a noticeable decline by the end of May. Maintaining a calm demeanour in today’s uncertain environment can help us navigate through it and to find a path toward our more resilient selves. And remember it is not going to be like this forever & will end soon.

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