Indian – Americans taking over the USA: Golden Era of India – US Relations

“Indian – Americans taking over the country”[sic] statement made by President Biden on Thursday. Within a span of less than 50 days of his Presidency, he has appointed almost 55 Indian origin officials in a key position of his administration. From his speechwriter Mr. Reddy to the Vice President of United States Kamala Harris, the Indian American diaspora is widely respected.

Golden Era of India – US Relations: From 2014 till Present

World’s oldest and the world’s largest democracies have developed bilateral relations into a “global strategic relations.” Its relation is based on shared democratic, promoting security, stability, and economic prosperity under the motto:                                                                                                                                                                           “Chalein Saath Saath: Forward Together We Go”                                                                “Sanjha Prayas, Sab Ka Vikas: Shared Effort, Progress for All.”

In US almost 4 million people are of Indian origin, which is about 1% of the total American population. On average, the Indian – Americans earn around $100,000, which is the highest-earning ethnic group.

After 2014, the frequency of high-level visits has increased significantly. With Prime Minister Modi visiting US to President Obama attending Republic Day as a chief guest in 2015 and later President Trump’s official visit in February 2020 shows strengthening ties between India and the US.

India, one of the top buyers of weapons, did a whopping 3.4 billion dollar defense trade in the last year of Trumps’ administration. Both India and the US conduct numerous bilateral defense exercises that are highest than what they do with any other nation. One of the oldest ongoing defence exercises is Malabar Naval Exercise which started in the year 1992. Recently, India conducted a joint military exercise called Yudh Abhyas in February 2021, which is the biggest military exercise between India and the US.

The Indo – US ties have only become stronger with times. The rival nations made speculations that in the Biden administration, US relations with India may see a change, but that is not the case till now. As of now, the bond is only becoming more robust. However, it will be too early to speculate what will be the approach of Biden’s administration for a long fruitful Indo – US relation. 

The change in geopolitics after Covid-19 and also India emerging as Global Economic Superpower especially after the covid-19 pandemic, Biden’s policy may not be pro – India, but certainly, it won’t be an anti – India, moreover it will be towards India’s interest.


To know in debt about the US – India relations, please right click here and open in new tab to download the pdf.

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