India: How it lost its tag – “Sone ki Chidiya!”

There was a time in history when India was referred as “Sone Ki Chidiya – The Golden Bird.” But with time and numerous invasion, the country lost its tag of “Sone Ki Chidiya.

When the other parts of the world, mainly the west who were just trying to make a living for themselves, Bharatvarsh was shining and flourishing. India was the hub of knowledge and land full of warriors, architects, artists, engineers, and astronomers. Everyone wanted to trade or migrate to this vibrant land.

The decline in the status 

From sharing almost 32% of the worlds’ G.D.P in the classical and before classical era (Mauryan and Gupta period), India’s G.D.P fell subsequently to merely less than 4% when the Britishers left. It lost all of its glory and wealth after several foreign attacks that destroyed and plundered its resources.

The reason why India couldn’t defend itself was not only because of the foreign invaders and British rulers but also because of its own people. It is rightly said that the gates have always been opened from inside. From Jai Chand to Mir Jafar and others betrayed their motherland just for their personal rivalry, political gain, and greediness for money.

Just after its independence, India was vulnerable and always tried to be a neutral and friendly nation. Due to its friendly nature, it has been backstabbed multiple times. Be it trusting China as a brother or the Lahore declaration when Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Pakistan and in return got Kargil war, it has been backstabbed every single time.

India considered China as a brother and gave the slogan of “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai” and even dropped the offer of a permanent seat in UNSC in 1950 and 1955. But later on got backstabbed in the year 1962, which resulted in the loss of Aksai Chin. (part of Ladakh region)

Biggest blunder in the history of India

Post-independence, one of the biggest blunder made was made by India’s own Prime Minister Marorji Desai. R&AW annual budget was slashed by 30% after Morarji Desai became the PM of India. One of the top R&AW officers, B.Raman, wrote in his book: “The Kaoboys of R&AW” that PM Marorji Desai is rumored to tip some of the important information about R&AW operations with Pakistani military dictator Zia ul-Haq because of its personal grudges with R&AW. It is said that the R&AW agents had penetrated Pakistan’s Kahuta Nuclear Operation, but due to PM Desai’s tip, several agents were compromised.

By involving directly or indirectly in the internal matters related to the Naxals, J&K, and issues associated with the North East region, the enemies have always kept India busy with its internal security issue. And also, spying & penetrating Indian politics and destabilizing internally by the rival nations are some of the primary reasons for India not to grow with its full potential as it will be pre-occupied to resolve such matters so that the development part remains affected.

Heading towards the glory

It is said that the 21st century belongs to India and will lead the world. The best live example is the distribution of made-in India Covid19 vaccines to the world. India has the highest young population globally, which ultimately increases the efficiency of the country. From space to I.T, India is excelling in every field. It produces the best engineers, doctors, and scientists in the world. Worlds leading companies have also started investing in India’s future as it is the biggest market in the current world. Now the world does not only listen but look upon India’s action. The day is not far when it will again regain the tag of “Sone Ki Chidiya.”

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