A Freedom House Report | Is India a Partly Free Country? Lets find out!

Recently, two Western NGOs – Freedom House organization of USA and V-dem institute of Sweden- declared India a partly free country. Let’s find out what the report is all about.

The first image posted in the report is related to the CAA protest. The same bill which was passed by the Parliament of India and later signed by the President of India to form an Act.


freedom house propaganda

If India is a partly free country and freedom of expression is not practiced to its limit, then it would have never allowed the protesters to gather in such a large number to raise their dissent.

The whole outcome of the report is basically based on the Hindu – Muslim propaganda. In their entire report, the word Hindu is mentioned – 13 times, Hindu Nationalist – 5 times, and Muslim – 24 times, which clearly indicates the motive.

Indian Finance Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar in India Today Conclave, on being asked about the report he said its a hypocrisy

Play the video to listen to his statement.  

The fact is India is growing and developing at a rapid pace ever by crossing all hurdles. The country saw a setback at the starting of 2020 because of the Covid19 pandemic, but later it turned the crisis into an opportunity with the help of its 2.6 billion hands which includes minorities too. From merely producing 240 million face masks in a year to producing 500k N-95 masks and over 300k PPE kits in a day. India became the second biggest manufacturer of N-95 masks and PPE kits. Not only it produced for its own people, but it also exported over 20 million of such products.

Also, when the world needed the hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and paracetamol tablets, it was India that came forward and sent 85 million doses of HCQ and over 500 million tablets of paracetamol to 108 countries. And now, under the #VaccineMaitri policy, India has helped over 71 countries till date with made in India vaccine, and more countries are in line to receive it.

The report talks about religious freedom, freedom of expression, and internet freedom. So if that is the parameter, then:

Recently, an incident happened in the Oxford University where Rashmi Samant, an Indian woman, was forced to resign from the President of Oxford student union after being democratically elected with a majority. She was also the first Indian woman to hold the position that position.

She made the only crime to believe in her faith and had posted about it some years back. There was no protest while she was contesting the election, but the day she won, the whole pseudo-liberal brigade came to bully her and make her believe that she is a preacher of religious hate. Even Rashmi’s parents were not spared; one of Oxford University faculty members posted a photo of her parent’s Facebook profile stating how communal-minded they all are.

After all the bully she faced, she had to resign and her Twitter account also got suspended.

This is just a story out of many of a free country (UNITED KINGDOM U.K) as declared by the Freedom House Organization where freedom of expression, religious freedom, and internet freedom are practiced the most.

The point over here is some rival nations do not want India to grow to its potential. They use the methodology: If you can’t break someone from the outside, break it from the inside. Since its extremely difficult to attack India, a country of 1.3 billion from the front, they try to make it unstable from the inside, so they use such platforms to defame India as part of Hybrid Warfare.


India is a land of 1.3 billion people with 1.3 billion different minds, and to ensure 1.3 billion happy faces on a common issue, it’s pretty difficult. Every country has its own challenges, like racism in the west, where the whole world recently saw the black lives matter issue, and yet they are declared a free country. India may not be a perfect democracy but has the best constitution, which ensures freedom, liberty, equality, and prosperity for all. India leads with the motto Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means the world is one family. 

The world is changing rapidly, and people should get out from the mentality of white supremacists or for that matter, western supremacists, and India coming out as a global leader is a pain in the eye for many.

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